EMDR Certification Process

You have completed your EMDR Training and 10 hours of required consultation. Now What?


In that time since being trained you may have noticed that things may have not gone quite as smoothly as it did in training, or the consulting hours were not enough to make you feel comfortable in feeling proficient. To truly understand and be proficient in the EMDR model, you must go beyond training. Being certified in EMDR indicates that you have completed a series of activities designed to help you become competent in EMDR.

Many therapists who get trained in EMDR don’t end up using it much. We teach a highly structured trauma-informed treatment approach, and our trainees tend to use EMDR frequently and effectively. Our approach supports your ability to perform an EMDR session properly, and guide a client to be ready, willing, and able to do EMDR.

The process of certification with Utah Lakes allows you to understand the 8 phases of EMDR with a Neuroscience lens. Meaning understanding the mind and body connection of our nervous system, as the client processes through trauma in those 8 phases. Beyond that we include the awareness of other modalities that can help understand what you are seeing in the room, such as IFS, and polyvagal theories. Now that you are interested, let’s talk logistics.

Cost $120 per consult.

What are the benefits of EMDR Certification?

Those looking for a therapist, or to make a referral, may prefer therapists who are EMDR-certified.


Certification may increase the likelihood of you getting onto a closed insurance panel, having a professional proposal accepted, or being offered a job.

What does it take? Don’t let this next step overwhelm you. We can help you through the process.

EMDR Certification Criteria

  1. EMDR International Association Approved EMDR Training
    Provide a copy of your final certificate of completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training program.
  2. License/Certification
    Provide a copy of your current license to practice independently as a mental health professional in the state or province where you practice. The license must include the current expiration date.
  3. Notarized Statement of Practice and EMDR Experience
    Do you have at least two years of experience in your field of license?
    Have you conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 clients?
    Both statements may be included in one single notarized document. Applicants can simply state, “I have at least 2 years experience in my field of license and I have conducted at least 50 EMDR therapy sessions with at least 25 clients” or similar wording and then have it notarized.
  4. 20 Hours of Consultation by an EMDR Consultant in EMDR
    Provide documentation from the EMDR Consultant(s) who provided EMDR consultation to you. It must specify the exact number of consultation hours you received and designate how many of those hours were individual consultation and how many were group consultation.
    • Be sure to review the Consultation Packet and become familiar with the consultation process. The 20 hours of consultation must have been completed within the last 5 years. If you continue to receive consultation hours for over a 5 year period, then as long as the EMDR Consultant is able to explain in the letter of documentation when the consultation started and ended (e.g. 2013-2022) and if/when long breaks in consultation occurred that will be acceptable. We understand that clinicians may stop consultation and then restart again but we cannot accept consultation hours that concluded 5 or more years ago.
    • If you have received consultation from more than one EMDR Consultant, you will need documentation from each one.
    • At least 10 of the hours must be obtained through individual, EMDR-focused consultation. The remaining 10 hours may be obtained through small group consultation. Consultation groups cannot exceed more than eight participants at a time.
    • EMDR Consultants-in-Training can provide up to 15 hours of consultation. The remaining five hours must be provided by an EMDR Consultant.
    • Only consultation hours received after completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training program can be applied towards this requirement.
  5. EMDR Consultant Letter(s) of Recommendation for EMDR Certification
    Provide letter(s) from one or more EMDR Consultant(s) addressing your utilization of EMDR with clients and recommending you to be certified in EMDR.
    • Letters may include documentation of consultation hours as required in #4 above. If that’s the case, upload the same document for both requirements on the application.
    • Letters from EMDR Consultants-in-Training do not meet this requirement.
    • Letters must be from an EMDR Consultant.
  6. Letters of Recommendation Regarding Professional Practice
    Provide two letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of EMDR, ethics in practice, and professional character.
    • These letters may be from colleagues or peers.
    • Letters from your EMDR Consultant or EMDR Consultant-in-Training do not count as peer letters.
    • Two letters of recommendation from colleagues or peers are required.
  7. 12 Hours of EMDRIA Credits
    Provide certificates of completion for at least 12 hours of EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR). Find EMDRIA Credit workshops and programs.
    • Only EMDRIA Credit Programs in EMDR obtained after the completion of EMDR Training may be used towards this requirement. Initial EMDR Trainings are not awarded EMDRIA Credits.
    • Certificates of completion of EMDRIA Credits hours should include the EMDRIA program approval number and the number of credits earned.
  8. EMDR International Association Policies Agreement
    By submitting the EMDR Certification application, applicants attest that they agree to adhere to EMDRIA Policies.

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