EMDR is an 8-Phase approach to psychotherapy and pathology.


First Phase

Gather information to determine the root cause of distress and how it might have began.


Second Phase

Help your body learn how to reduce the current level of stress by using coping skills and other mental exercises.


Third Phase

Set up the target of the distress, including negative belief and body sensations and identifying the positive belief the client would like to believe instead.


Fourth Phase

Implement the bilateral stimulation to tap into a component of REM mode and activate the hippo campus (long term memory) and desensitize the body sensations and negative beliefs that are causing the level of distress.


Fifth Phase

Installation of positive belief once the phase 3 target has been worked through.


Sixth Phase

Body scan to check in to see if there are any other distressing situations and/or negative beliefs still lingering on the hippocampus.


Seventh Phase

Closure; this is used at the end of every session to ensure the client can safely put target memories away until the next session.


Eighth Phase

Reevaluation is used at the beginning of every session to determine the changes the client is seeing from the previous session and how the body is adapting to these changes.

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