Life Coaching

Utah Lakes Neuroscience University of Life Coaching

Life coaching certification at ULN is a process that helps individuals gain the necessary skills to become effective life coaches. Benefits include gaining skills and knowledge needed to be a successful coach in the knowledge of clarity and purpose toward aspects of life that will greatly alter understanding and adjust one’s abilities.  

Such examples one may learn can include but are not limited to:

  • How does diet affect brain waves
  • Supplements and dietary support
  • Sleep training
  • Stress factors and correspondence to emotional control.
  • Frequencies and Interactions 
  • Accountability and productivity.
  • Controlled communication planning
  • Differences between old therapy and modern proven modalities of therapy.
  • Suicide prevention support

Although not a mental health therapist upon completion of this offered certification process successful candidates will receive advanced skills training in multiple aspects of life and directional coaching that can afford numerous opportunities above standard and non supported life coaching platforms.  Post graduation at the ULN University you become a certified life coach and now qualified candidate to be placed on the ULN Pool of properly certified Coaches.  This candidacy pool qualifies one to be listed as an approved subcontractor for hire for caseload support, youtube presentations, seminar participants and a modality of other avenues all available to be interviewed as a resource for ULN.  This pool of candidacy is beyond that of regular life coaching certification as ULN enjoys to hire within.  It is special to note that in addition to this advanced curriculum, ULN University provides support post graduation for continued professional development and job advancement skills.

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